Wakeboard & Skate Experience

Cause a stir and get carving up Glasgow Canal with this exhilarating day out.
Adults £60 / Kids & Students £55

Our Wakeboard & Skate Experience includes a healthy lunch in our cafe at The Loading Bay of soup and a sandwich, choose from a variety of options, plus a warm drink of tea, coffee or refreshing soft drink after your wet session.


Wakeboarding 1 hour

Learn the basics of wakeboarding and carve up the canal with our cable tow system. After getting signed in and kitted up you will be taken to the dock for a dry land lesson and safety briefing that teaches you good riding position and the deep water start. Once you are confident, it’s time to hit the water and put the theory into practice. The session is taken by a qualified wakeboard instructor who will talk you through all the steps until you are up on your board confidently wakeboarding.

Who’s it for?

Anyone aged 10+ who is relatively fit and comfortable in the water

Skateboarding 2 hours

(beginner to advanced)

Ideal for beginners or those feeling a little rusty, our coached skate sessions will help you take that first push. We will kit you out with a board and helmet, give you a quick introduction and then get you cruising around the plaza. 

We tailor your experience to your confidence and ability, helping you develop balance, build up speed and maybe even learn some tricks. If you are already an experienced skater, tell your instructor at the start of the lesson and they can help you work on specific areas or give you ideas for lines and tricks to try in the park.

Who’s it for?

Anyone relatively fit, with or without past experience on a skateboard.

Think safe

We don’t recommend this activity for complete beginners over 25 years old who are inactive or have bad coordination. Skateboarding is dangerous and even a small fall whilst rolling on flat ground can be painful.