Scoot & Kayak Experience

Looking to try some action sports for the first time? Our scoot & kayak package might be the one for you! Have fun with a scootering session and then try your hand at kayaking on our flat water basin on the canal.
Adults £50 / Kids & Students £40

Your perfect pressure-free introduction to action and adventure at Play Port.

Our Scoot & Kayak Experience includes a healthy lunch in our cafe at The Loading Bay of soup and a sandwich, choose from a variety of options, plus a warm drink of tea, coffee or refreshing soft drink after your wet session.


Scootering 2 hours

(beginner to advanced)

If you’ve never tried your hand at action sports before and are feeling a little intimidated, scootering is probably our most accessible skatepark activity. It can also be a really fun family activity if your kids already love scootering and you want to get involved too.

As well as being a great way to start rolling around, scootering is also a serious action sport. If you are already experienced in scootering then our coaches can help you learn new tricks, find new lines and develop your skills. 

Who’s it for?

Anyone who is reasonably active.

Think safe

Whilst jumping on a scooter for the first time is much safer than hopping a skateboard, you may still fall. We don’t recommend this activity for very inactive people who are over 35.

Kayaking 1.5 hours

Fancy a kayak on Glasgow’s canal? Our flat water basin offers a relaxed environment for you to paddle in. We will help you develop your skills and confidence to get the most out of your time on the water. This is a chilled out way to spend time on the water and could be the first step on the ladder to building your skills in a sport that will open up opportunities to experience tranquil journeys, epic expeditions or thrilling adventures.

Who’s it for?

Anyone looking for a new, relaxing activity on the water.